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Ordering with Colema Boards® is as easy as

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1. Call 1-800-745-2446 or email us at 2. We will locate a distributor or point of sale in your area. 3. If a point of sale cannot be found in your area, you may
place your order with us by phone
or at our new online store.

Colema Boards® of California offers the purchase of its products through several different methods or means which include the following:

  • Local Distributors
  • Online Distributors
  • Clinics
  • Physicians
If we cannot find a place of purchase that will suit your needs, we will be able to ship directly from our facilities. Please contact us today (please provide the city, state, and zip code - or the country and postal code if overseas) toll free: 1-800-745-2446 or 1-530-347-5700.

Our staff is trained to answer your questions and concerns. (Note: Our staff will not diagnose or prescribe. Please consult a naturopathic physician or practitioner for more information on enemas and cleansing in relation to your health condition and needs.)

** International and Overseas Special Instructions **

    We ship worldwide!
  • We ship worldwide (some locations may be unavailable)
  • Please provide us with the complete destination address including:
    • Country
    • Postal code
    • City
    • Nearest International Airport
  • Methods of shipping
    • Priority Mail (delivers in approximately 12-14 days)
    • Express Mail (delivers in approximately 10-12 days)
    • Bax Global (delivers in approximately 7-10 days)
    • UPS (delivers in approximately 5-7 days)
    • ** alternate or faster shipping may be available - call for quotes **
  • Duties and taxes are not included in price quotes. They are due upon delivery to customs.

Please consult with your physician or practitioner before use or if you have questions concerning the use of an enema kit.
Colema Boards® of California does not make any therapeutic or curative claims regarding the use of this product.
Colema Boards® of California does not intend to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness with any of its literature or products.
© Copyright 2005, 2009 Colema Boards of California, Inc.        Made in the United States of America.

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