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Setup Video

This video is intended for use in the conjunction with the Colema Board® user manual only. This video is a general guide for demonstration purposes only. All instructions must be read and adhered to.

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Items that come with the board:
   • Board
   • Comfort pad
   • Siphon syringe
   • 2 disposable tips
   • Setup/Instructional manual
   • Tubing assembly - includes the 3" piece shown
   • Instructional DVD - not shown in this video
Items sold separately:
   • Chair
   • Pillow
   • Lubricant - but we recommend Vit-Ra-Tox #43
   • Bucket

Please consult with your physician or practitioner before use or if you have questions concerning the use of an enema kit.
Colema Boards® of California does not make any therapeutic or curative claims regarding the use of this product.
Colema Boards® of California does not intend to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness with any of its literature or products.
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